Saturday, April 18, 2009

black flag, green day, true love

The other night we were looking though an old annual of mine from my Senior Year in High School and my first though was "my hair really was too short for my Senior portrait." I was going through a 'majour' punk 'phase,' and was being about as rebellious as you can get in a Northern California private school and still managing to avoid getting detention for 4 straight years.

The funny thing is that the Mrs. probably never would have looked twice at me and yet I would have crushed so hard on her back in those days – still do, by the way.

The good news for the current versions of me at that age? Now there is, a free punk dating site with a special focus on the punk rock lifestyle. Meet fans of punk music that are single and looking for love when you peruse their punk personals. Hey, it's 100% Free to join, plus you can make new friends, message them and make that connection with someone special.


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