Tuesday, June 01, 2010

right tool for the right job

There are many search engines out there, some so big you might have forgotten that there are many other, more specialized ones out there that might do a better job. If you are looking for a particular file or file type, perhaps one that limits itself to just a pdf search then why wast time with a large, general purpose search engine?

As they say, a hammer is a wonderful tool but after a while with it you can often tend to think that everything is a nail. Sometime the finesses of a screwdriver will get you the results you want faster, better and easier. You just have to open your eyes and see that bigger is not always better.

Find that lost owners manual you thought you'd never find again. See how your grandfather used to fix the old family car or sewing machine. Read a book you thought was long out of print. The opportunities are limitless and there's a lot more on the internet than you might think, so search and see what you will find. Then don't forget to come back here and share what you discovered.


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