Monday, August 30, 2010

getting the I ❤ view

Windows bring a room much needed light, a view and a general sense of airiness and space. Who hasn't been in a small windowless office or single windowed cramped hotel room and felt like a caged animal?

Problem is, windows work both ways and while they let you see what is outside they also allow what is outside to see what is inside which may not always be the best thing depending on the situation. Sometimes the view from the inside is not so great, either. Who wants a view of a neighbor's car or trash bins?

So how to create the space you want, let in the light and shield the view? One affordable solution is quality roman blinds, custom fit to your design style and particular window. Many window treatments can cost more than a month's rent or mortgage payment– and if you are like me that may make for a great view but a serious minus when it comes to enjoying your home. See how you can create a truly luxurious feel for your home. With products inspired by the latest trends in interiors in a wide range of fabric styles, anywhere from plain to textured at prices you will enjoy as much as how your new looks.

Get a look you will enjoy as long as you own your home at prices that won't drive you out of it!


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