Saturday, January 08, 2011

bigger better more effective

You want to look good and you want to stand out, right? Then you need a quality logo. Software has let people do a lot of things on their own for a lot less than hiring a professional but let me ask you this: who do you want to cut your hair for your wedding portrait? Your cousin who owns a pair of scissors and has read a book on how to cut hair or a professional with a history and a talent for making people look good?

Now think how many more people are going to see your logo as compared to your pictures. With me? Still, that doesn't mean that good LogoDesignCompany has to cost the world – you can get great results for quite a low cost if you know where to look.

Remember, there is cheap and there is frugal and nothing is more wasteful than money spent for nothing and second rate is a first-class way to be poor. Spend a little money and get great results and look as good on paper (and the web) as you really are.


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