Monday, March 14, 2011

iPad 2 Go

The first iPad 2 sold at the NYC Apple Store would have gone to Amanda Foote if she had not sold her spot for US$900 to a developer. I am fairly certain there was no shortage at the mall in San Jose given there was someone already using one in the GAP at 7pm.

Me, I am still rocking a 1st gen iPod touch and if and when I replace it I am leaning heavily toward the HTC MyTouch from T-Mobile, a phone that I  plan to use with wifi when I need to web-surf or video-chat.

As for Amanda, she wasn't interested in buying an iPad 2 either. Instead, she's using her $900 to "go see Lady GaGa in concert."


Anonymous dyson the vaccuum said...

Solution still looking for a real need, IMO

11:37 AM  

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