Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Another Blog-Worthy Photo From the Good People on Flickr

Just a quick peek at a picture I starred on Flicker: Flickr Feels

Ok, omg I'm so behind on work but I have to get some feelings out about Flickr. I'm so happy with this redesign. I mean, is every piece of the redesign a perfect fit for me personally, a pro user since 2004? Nope. But a site as large as Flickr was never going to redesign in a way that made every user happy, and my priority is seeing development of the site, and its community energized. I like the justified images, I love the new Flickr.com homepage. I used to completely ignore the homepage, and mostly just looked at my activity stream and contact page. The new homepage basically streamlines those two pages into one, and I love it. And the Android App. Oh god, the sweet, sweet Android app. I have been waiting for you for so long, sweet Android app and now that you are here I am not disappointed. I love you, sweet Android app. Even more importantly, I'm SUPER happy that Yahoo seems to be really investing in the promise that Flickr had -- and hopefully still has. I love the public relations strategy that Yahoo put into play yesterday... first they announce the Tumblr acquisition, with Marissa Mayer directly acknowledging Yahoo's reputation for screwing up acquisitions, which is awesome. Then, knowing that everyone was going to scream about Flickr, a few hours later they roll out massive updates and lifting of the 200-photo limit. From a PR perspective, they fucking nailed it. Even if it ends up failing, I have a huge amount of respect for what the folks at Yahoo are trying to do with Flickr. There's no way of knowing if this push will work, but god I love seeing them try. Don't let the ol' girl go down without a fight! I'd rather a redesign that fails miserably with some users than an abandoned entombed shrine to 2005 web design. The atrophy of Flickr was more painful for me than any of my small pain points with the redesign.

from http://flic.kr/p/enhSMA


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