Sunday, March 09, 2014

Another Blog-Worthy Photo From the Good People on Flickr

Just a quick peek at a picture I starred on Flicker: 1971 7Up UnCola "Like No Cola Can" vintage 21'x10' billboard poster by Milton Glaser (Push Pin era) (now Mad Men Season 7 poster artist)

Mad Men commissions Milton Glaser for a poster to commemorate their final season: - - - 21'x10' billboard poster by Milton Glaser. The rainlap diagram on the back of top left Panel A1 lists this as Design #71134 (indicates it was image #134 issued in 1971). This billboard is in mint condition and is accompanied by a twin copy that is almost as perfectly preserved as this one. They were both purchased from someone in the outdoor sign (billboard) business that wisely set a pair of these aside decades ago thinking that they were special. The 2nd copy has 2 slight water stains, but they are hardly noticeable due to the dark backgrounds. See this billboard featured in a small booklet here with a description and photo of the illustrator: "Well, basically the idea of being 'turned on' by 7Up was buried somewhere in my consciousness, and I transferred that feeling into a visual pun. The word 'can' was my focal point. To make something extraordinary happen out of this particular can seemed like the right attitude to have at the time. Graphically, it's an interphasing of two phenomena - electricity and 7Up". -Milton Glaser (commenting on his concept for this billboard image) Six years later Milton Glaser created the extremely well known, and often copied "I [heart] NY" logo in 1977. Another example of the artist "pushing beyond the frame": I've not found any ads offering this to the general public to date, but there are a few others in my collection that are in the same boat. Finding any of these poster offers is similar to finding a needle in a haystack after more than 4 decades and prior to the invention of the internet and electronic records. If any readers know of poster offers with this image, please contact me. - - - TWO-OF-A-KIND - - - This matching pair of billboards represent the only known copies of this image in any size at this time. Collage of (12) panels (2 high x 6 wide) totaling 9'-9" x 21'-1". Each 43" wide x 59" tall thick paper sheet was photographed panel-by-panel on a homemade vacuum table (<$30) and photoshopped together into this color collage of this design to minimize inconsistent lighting and shadows from folds. Some of the billboards in my collection use a silkscreen dot pattern but this one uses solid colors for the most part. That enabled me to better match the colors from panel to panel in Photoshop. This billboard has no thumb tack holes and is in remarkable MINT condition. The paper is not as brittle as might be expected. The colors are really this vivid! To fully appreciate this art form, consider that each of the 12 panels had at least 4 runs through the offset lithograph printing machine back in the 60's & 70's to apply each color (cyan, magenta, yellow & black). Each panel has multiple registration marks and the initials of the different machine operators when they OK'd the alignment of each color. The different runs & initials might have been by more than one operator since each color was run all at once and later runs with the other colors might have been on a totally different day or a different press. Some of the same initials appear on my other billboards produced in different years. If you look closely at my other billboards, you can see part of the "+" shaped registration marks in the completed collage at the panel corners. It was a lot of work to produce just one panel of one billboard. Here's an example from my first billboard (see how many sets of initials you can find): Check my shops on eBay or ETSY for UnCola posters available on a rotating basis. More sets of posters & other stuff:



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