Monday, December 08, 2014

Another Blog-Worthy Photo From the Good People on Flickr

Just a quick peek at a picture I starred on Flicker: KEITH HARING SWATCH & KEITH HARING RADIANT BABY PIN

I purchased this brand new in 1984 - Atlanta, GA. I remember stopping by Macy's and seeing the watch. I was excited as I knew who Keith Haring was and quickly made the purchase. I returned back to my dorm and scrapped up some more money as I was going to go purchase another. Upon returning to Macy's they remainder of the watches were gone. I inquired if they had any more and they had accidentally received them as only New York and Los Angeles was suppose to get this watch. The sells clerk recognized me from earlier and asked that I return my watch and they would refund me. I added in the Keith Haring Radiant Baby Pin.



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