Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Another Blog-Worthy Photo From the Good People on Flickr

Just a quick peek at a picture I starred on Flicker: Olde Schoolhouse Restaurant and Lounge - Palm Harbor, Florida

419 U.S. Hwy. Alt. 19 Palm Harbor, Florida Journey back to the early 1900s as you dine in the Olde Schoolhouse - a restored 1910 building that served as a schoolhouse for many years. Completely refurbished and decorated in a schoolhouse theme with artifacts from the turn of the century. Soups, salads, sandwiches, plus cocktails and home-style cooking specialties. J. Cook Photographics, Inc. 230 No. Pinellas Ave., Tarpon Springs, FL 33589 Dynacolor Praphics, Inc. P23217



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