Thursday, November 12, 2015

Another Blog-Worthy Photo From the Good People on Flickr

Just a quick peek at a picture I starred on Flicker: The Dark Knight: Knight of Gotham #31

Miraculously I manage to get six hours sleep. A new record. Can't remember the last time I got so much sleep. It's a weird feeling being so rested. Not sure I like it. As ever Alfred makes sure I'm up thirty minutes before my meeting. I'm not sure the bucket of water was necessary mind. He claims it was Tim's idea and perhaps it was, but I severely doubt it. The old man has a face of innocence but the mind behind it is deceptively crafty. Blimey that water was cold. As I race to the shower Alfred presses my suit and irons my shirt. It's tempting to give the crazy old Brit a taste of his own medicine but the last thing I need is to engage in a water war. Already had plenty of those whenever I've had to lend Arthur a hand. Why he asked me of all people to help him I'll never know. The shower takes five minutes, a second record. Can't remember the last time I was able to have a shower for that long. In a matter of minutes I'm in my suit and I still have fifteen minutes to spare. Two pieces of toast later Alfred informs me he's got the display table ready with the holographic display of Gotham. Seeing as how Richard is pitching a joint venture between Lyons Infrastructure and Wayne Enterprises to refurbish several parts of Gotham.I'm sure he'll be keen to show me exactly where he plans to build. After all I might be keen to help Gotham both in an out of the cowl, but I have an image to keep up. As I take a moment to try and predict where the Crimson Knight could be based off ways in and out of the old Cobblepot shipping port. Before I can properly theorise the location of the Crimson Knight's hideout Alfred walks through the door escorting Richard into the room. He's early. How unusual. "Mr. Richard Lyons sir." "Thank you Alfred." Alfred leaves the room closing the door behind him. As the door slams shut Richard walks up to me and we shake hands. Damn he has a firm handshake. Then again as my Father always said, you can trust a man who has a firm handshake. "Good to see you Richard." "The pleasure is all mine Mr. Wayne." "Bruce please. When ever anyone calls me by that name I feel like they're talking to my Father rather than me." "Haha I know what you mean, whenever someone says Mr. Lyons I'm always looking over my shoulder to see if my father is there." "Glad to know it's not just me. So I'm all ears to hear this pitch of yours." "Right. So I take it you want me to use this thing of yours?" "Preferably. It's just so I can see where exactly you want to do the work in Gotham." "Alright. Well what I'm hoping to do is to start by refurbishing the Gotham sewer system. Did you know there are several tunnels that are unused at the moment?" "Unused? How are they underused?" The tunnels are literally sealed from the rest of the world." "Why are they sealed at all?" "I'm not sure honestly Bruce. There are some claims that the tunnels were sealed off decades ago to try and bury a maze said to belong to a secret order." "Yeah my ward mentioned something of an archeological dig going on currently to try and unearth an underground maze. They claim to looking into the myth of the Court of Owls." "Court of Owls?" "It's an old Gotham myth. Apparently there was a group of Gotham's wealthiest that once ruled this city with both their followers and their influence." "Influence?" "They were Gotham's wealthiest. They basically were any form of authority in the city, especially with their army of Talons enforcing their will." "They had an army?" "Of course not. It's nothing more than a children's fairy tale designed to make you behave for fear of being taken if you're naughty." "So Gotham's answer to the boogey man?" "Not at all." He pauses for a moment confused by my remark. "Sorry?" "The Boogey man's real. Batman arrested him seven months ago." "Really?" "Oh yes. Certainly made for some interesting headlines to say the least." "I'd imagine so. How come young Tim knows about the archeological dig going on at the moment? Can't say he looks like the sort of person interested in digging up the past." "He's not really. But his father is on the dig at the moment so I guess you could say he has inside knowledge on the project." "I guess so. I wasn't aware Tim's father was in Gotham." "It's a relatively recent development. He was nowhere to be seen until a month ago." "Yikes, I hope that hasn't strained your relationship with Tim." "Anything but. The whole experience seems to have actually helped Tim and I become closer than before." "I'm glad to hear." "Actually he's meeting up with his father today for a catch up funnily enough." "Glad to hear. A child should always have contact with their parents in my eyes." "Where possible." "Sorry Bruce. I didn't mean to offend." "Not at all Richard, it's just a sensitive topic for me." "I completely understand, and I think it's inspirational all you've done for those boys, helping them when their parents can't." I pause for a moment. Those boys? Plural. How can he know there are others? I've only spoken about Tim to him. Dick and I haven't been seen together in public for years and no-one even knows that Bruce Wayne adopted Jason Todd. "Boys?" "I'm sorry?" "Boys. You said boys. How did you know about the others?" "I'm not sure what you mean Bruce? It's well known that the Wayne Foundation plays a major role in supporting the children's homes all over Gotham. They wouldn't have anywhere near the opportunities they have now with out you." My suspicions are quickly quelled by his comment. I worry that I may have come across as too concerned by that comment, maybe even hinting that Tim isn't the first person I've taken on as my ward. Before he can deduce the nature of my response I press on with a discussion of the refurbishment plans. It's critical for the moment that the world believes Jason Todd is dead to give him the secrecy needed to carry out his mission, I can't let anyone learn that he lives. "Thank you Richard. It means a lot ." "No problem Bruce. I only hope those you've helped will one day have the opportunity to repay you for all your work." A nice sentiment but I doubt that will ever come to fruition. It's a nice thought though. Who knows maybe one day all those the Batman has helped will one day return the favour as well........That'll be the day.



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