Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Another Blog-Worthy Photo From the Good People on Flickr

Just a quick peek at a picture I starred on Flicker: James Dean Bust

Due to its dramatic location and close proximity to movie studios, the Griffith Observatory has been in innumerable films and videos and the subject of many songs, including the Terminator (1984), Dragnet (1987), Rocketeer (1991). The most famous appearance however is Rebel Without A Cause (1955), starring James Dean, which had both a major fight scene and the climax of the film take place at the observatory. Soon after filming completed, James Dean was killed in a car crash. He posthumously became a movie icon, and Rebel Without A Cause and Griffith Observatory with him. The bust seen here had been personally commissioned by James Dean before his death, and afterwards a copy was placed here to commemorate him. Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California



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