Thursday, March 13, 2008

hey kids, what time is it?

I was noticing again the other day that we don't have a clock in our living room, no mantle clocks, wall clocks, not even anything that has a clock built in. The family room has the VCR, the kitchen has a a wall clock plus the oven and the microwave (trying to get all 3 of those to agree this past weekend after daylight savings time was quite a chore.)

I don't think anyone on my side of the family were fans of grandfather clocks but I know there is one from the other side of the family up at the farm, so we could claim that one if all the interested parties agreed.

I never gave them much thought in the past, given the size and home decor of our condo (how wrong I was) but after moving to an older home I started thinking about them in earnest and being pleasantly surprised at their low prices when you shop on line.

Now the question is which one to buy? I am leaning toward one that has Craftsman feel to it but since our house is just post that era will will have to see how it fits the room and the existing furniture.


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