Sunday, March 30, 2008

top gear

Now that we have other side of the criminal justice system represented in our family – I mean law enforcement in addition to the two lawyers (I certainly hope that we will stop at the two of the three in this equation, we don't need anyone with a police record, thank you) the question comes up when it is time to buy gifts. Sure there is the usual 'New Yorker Magazine Book of Cartoons for Lawyers,' but until the make a comparable version for peace officers, I think a gift that would be greatly appreciated would be one of these Blackhawk holsters. They certainly look top notch and functional ("rapid draw when the pistol is needed ... locks securely upon reholstering, ...nothing to strap, snap or rotate"– just the thing to keep our particular new dad safe on the job.

Check out the gear and I don't think you will be leaving empty handed. This shopping recommendation has been sponsored.


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