Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a model home

Our spare bedroom is so big it has room for a whole other house – well, two if you count home the cat has made for herself last night in the pile of hand towels. I am of couse speaking of the doll house that we have reinstalled at our house: a beautiful three level, ten room luxury home complete with twin balconies.

Of course, in the process of moving it there has been some 'quake damage,' as as such there has also been the topic of redecorating. Lucky for us, we found Zoolabees Dollhouse Miniatures, the online retailer of some of the best dollhouse furniture, accessories, and building components. They also have dollhouse kits and dolls if you are not as 'landed' as we are. They have the 1:12 scale as well as the 1:24 scale products we are looking at.

Check out their newly expanded dollhouse bathroom category with products to suit just about any historical period. Given the rest of the decor of our model, I am rather partial to the claw foot tub and vertical tank pull chain water closet. (I suspect our 'residents' are too urbane to say 'toilet,' but perhaps I judge them too harshly.)

For dollhouse miniatures bathroom sets or something for the kitchen or child's room, check them out.


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