Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Android Phones Begin to Appear in Prepaid Space

As more and more people who need / want/ got a smart phone own own, the game for the phone makers and carriers shifts from getting you on board to keeping you around. The iPhone 4 from Apple is less evolutionary and more a way to keep par with the ever-increasing number of Google's Android phones. I can't even keep track of what the "newest and hottest" anymore. EVO? MyTouch? Incredible?

Looking to grow the market, Boost Mobile has the (first) Android in the prepaid sphere. Fortune magazine is reporting that the Motorola i1 sports the Nextel-made-famous push-to talk/annoy functionality, but an antiquated version of Android, version 1.5.  A lot of the latest apps and functionality won't be available at launch, not sure if you can upgrade this on your own or if you have to wait for an OTA upgrade.

Still, encouraging news for cheapskates!


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