Monday, July 26, 2010

hubs not drubs

We have some friends who run an announcement mailing list of about a thousand people via a Mailman install on their own server. It's very low traffic, maybe once every few months but apparently lately Mailman's been causing all sorts of headaches— despite their very tight security on who can send mail to the list, they're getting a bunch of moderation requests from spam spoofing someone on the whitelist. They also say they have been getting a lot of confirmation e-mails for my address, which means someone's sending a lot of eMail to the requests eMail address you use to sign up for list access.

Mailman in general is not great, but it's provided for free by our current webhost, and seeing they are a not-for-profit and a starving small magazine, when they asked me for options, I was able to sent them to a web hosting hub review.

A seriously professional operation and low cost won't be much for their purposes soon, I hope.


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