Monday, October 11, 2010

show your cards

These days with the internet, a colour printer and about twenty minutes, anyone can make a half-decent looking business card. I just came back from a business trip in Japan but before I left I noticed I didn't have any business cards left. There was no time to order new ones and besides, the design I wanted wasn't even an option from my employer. (You see, I wanted to incorporate a QR Code as apparently they are all the rage in Asia where Smart Phones have much more market penetration, although as a Silicon Valley resident it did seem odd to see so few iPhones in the hands of the average users on the trains and subways – what few I did see were all belonging to Americans, mostly Californians).

But, back to my point: if anyone can crank out a half-decent card what that means is that to really impress you have to bring the A-game of calling cards: the raised ink business cards people have come to expect from the top tier people and businesses. Make yourself stand out from the crowd and get that oh so important first impression that can translate to better contacts and bigger sales down the road. Don't be an also-ran and do it on the cheap: People can tell and people will talk. Probably not to your face but to each other after you have left.

Do you want to risk your one chance at making it special? Take your time, do it classy and do it right.


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