Friday, November 12, 2010

on the nature of time

Getting on my soapbox again, this time about the bi-annual changing of the clocks. By now you are like me and probably have changed every last object in your house and car that measure the time. But this year it occurred to me that I had less clocks to actually change. Satellite box, mobile phones, alarm systems, iPod and various and sundry computers all knew about it and changed for me.

Only the odd wristwatch, my car and my favourite mantle clock needed human intervention which just seemed sort of sad. Digital clocks and readouts have already taken away the idea of a day being divided into 24 discreet hours that repeat each day. Analog clocks somehow give me the feeling that time is actually passing, clocks that need winding even more so. Clocks that need you to tell them when to change seem just more, well, civilized.

So think about how you want to see the day pass, as 'random' number on the front of your phone or with the majestic sweep of the minute hand, the steady pace of the hour hand and the frenetic pulse of a sweep second hand. Your choice – I already made mine and for my wrist and the clock I consult the most at home, the answer is and will stay firmly analog.


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