Friday, November 05, 2010

cabin in the sky

I always have to take 'news stories' linked to on FaceBook with a grain of salt when they talk about the creeping socialism that is ruining America. Somehow Europe is falling apart and people are fleeing there as fast as they can to come to the bright shining shores of the US of A. But then I think of the story I read in today's paper telling about those people who have homes with 'underwater' value, as in they owe more than the house is apparently worth. The owners profiled were still making their payments, it's just they can't sell and move into a nicer home. Nor are they spending any money on fixing up their roof or going on vacation as all of their income is tied up in their home loan.

Now compare that to relatives of mine with second homes, well, cabins really, in the woods for weekend get-aways and ask who is living better and having more fun.

If you can't afford to get a cabin to relax in on week-ends why not do up at least one spare room to look like a mountain retreat? With some tasteful and affordable rustic bedroom furniture you can have your hoe away from home be inside your home. Why not have a second place all of your own? Make it a special treat, it doesn't have to cost a lot and the return to some sort of sanity will pay-off nig time when it turns to Monday again.


Anonymous billige angebote said...

relaxing - yes this is sometimes really needed. I always relax with a can of beer in my hand :-)

11:39 AM  

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