Friday, January 28, 2011

ereaders mean more readers

If you commute via public transportation (good for you) you will by now have noticed the same two things I have– one: it's getting a lot more crowded on that train / bus/ ferry than it was last year and two: almost everyone is reading some type of screen. Be it smartphone, laptop, tablet or eReader, just about everyone is taking off the headphones and turning their eyes to read.

All these new readers means that a whole bunch of content is needed. So what does that mean for you, the website owner? It means you better have fresh, new, valuable and relevant content for tem. Content that encourages your existing customers to come and revisit often and prompts new visitors to place their first of many orders. How can a small or one-man site try to compete with the corporate juggernauts? With some help from the pros and the type of easy web design that makes it seamless to insert new and exciting content.

140 characters may catch an eye but real, long-form content is what keeps people coming back and when people consider your site a destination, the money will soon follow. Capture their attention and be rewarded.


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