Saturday, January 15, 2011

use your friends to find that host

Everyone knows what they want in a good hosting company: Primarily, a world-class 24-hour support with workers standing by to answer your questions when you have them, not just promise to have an 'expert' get back to you, later (if at all). Price is also a majour issue for many, as is up time.

Usually getting all of these three things costs money, but how much is enough to pay for all of them and how much is too much? This is where you need a site for reliable webhostinghub ratings.

Lots of places will be happy to take your money and fail to act on their marketing promises, best to find out what others who have used the services say about a host before you invest your hard-earned money and web reputation with someone who is less than the best. Some research at the start can pay off in the end!


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