Sunday, February 13, 2011

campaign promises

What would you say if your email marketing has been asked to participate in a research study investigating their imaginative activities, experiences, and behaviors as well as his or her peer
relationships and interactions, beliefs about school, and interest in selling your product?

Your e-mailmarketing expert should be asked to complete a questionnaire or participate in an interview at length two times during the fall of the 2011 fiscal year. Accommodations will be made to meet the needs of your campaign (e.g., an interview instead of completing a written questionnaire, the presence of a sign language interpreter to facilitate communication, etc.). Interviews also will be audio-taped to ensure accurate recording of your expert's responses.
You and your advertising staff will also will be ready to complete a questionnaire to help
us understand the role of imagination in getting your message across to your subscribers.

There are no anticipated risks associated with this research project except the potential
inconvenience of the time it takes to complete the questionnaire/interview. Be more efficient and sell more in less time. Future-proof your site today.


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