Wednesday, March 19, 2008

secret life of bees

Oh the internet and it's many interconnections, it's a wonder I get any work done at all.

So yesterday (Tuesday 3/18) I heard on the radio it was Queen Latifa's birthday, which lead me to wonder why I haven't seen her in any films in a while, so I check out IMDB and they gave info about her newest film (The Secret Life of Bees "With pieces of her past all jumbled up in her head, young Lily Owens (Dakota fanning) seizes an opportunity to leave behind her father and their South Carolina peach farm. Traveling with her nanny, Rosaleen, Lily encounters August Boatwright (Latifa), one of a trio of beekeeping sisters, who fold the girl into their strange, secret world.).

That in turn led me off to a new Rap Artists site and their rap forum with loads of links, artist information and discussion forum. Someone (or someones) has put a ton of work into this site and it really shows - get yourself a login name and jump into the discussions! This has been a sponsored review.


Anonymous dT said...

word to your mother. also: call your mother.


11:18 AM  

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