Friday, April 24, 2009

deer to my heart

Istock_000002248614xsmall_2There can be nothing more disheartening to a gardener to have worked so long and hard on your ornamental and vegetable garden to then discover that a herd of hungry deer have decided to make it part of their meal plan.

I know they were there long before you came to live in their neighborhood but there are ways to peacefully coexist with the four legged set and now, it can be even easier thanks to the FIRST Repellent on the market that comes with its own battery powered sprayer! Plus, the newest formula for NEW Deer Off® II contains MORE active deer repelling ingredients than the popular original Deer Off®. Featuring four times more putrescent egg, and almost twice as much garlic and hot pepper (capsaicin). Doesn't sound very attractive you and even less so to the deer. As an added bonus, this deer repellent is also ideal for keeping the rabbits and squirrels away, too.

This repellent is all organic so you are not harming anyone, just giving them a strong incentive to snack elsewhere. The Havahart® Deer Off® formula has a patented Dual Deterrent System™ which means it provides both a scent and a taste barrier to repel deer, rabbits, and squirrels. Ready-to-use and weather resistant deer repellent formula designed for large lawns and can used on up to 100 ornamental shrubs up to four feet tall. Click to learn about deer control, today for a better garden tomorrow.



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