Tuesday, June 22, 2010

be seeing you

Some say the best hiding place is to be like a needle in a haystack, other wiser people think the best hiding place for a needle is in a stack of other needles.

Now, think of you website as that needle and the entire internet as a collection of needles - still think anyone is going to just stumble upon your site by accident?

If having people find you is critical then you need to start thinking about something called search engine optimization.

For maximum effect, search engine optimization should be more than just something you add on to your site when you have crossed off all the other boxes as you head toward launch. Having a SEO friendly site should be a “ground up” design and bringing in a seo company at the start can really make or break your search engine marketing efforts. Optimize every aspect of your website at the DNA level and you will easily be on the top page off results, regardless of algorithm changes or shifting sands of fate. Hiring a professional web design and development company as well as an SEO company can really be a cost effective way to get people to find you.


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