Thursday, June 17, 2010

molecular imaging: look closer

In recent studies by a team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, it seems that the mainstream online audience is ever increasingly searching for and finding results on health-related topics when they look to dominant search provider Google when they go looking for nanotechnology content on Google.

This agrees with my own personal opinion, albeit one that isn't as scientifically vetted, that molecular imaging is the fasting growing field in medicine and will continue that way for some time.

For hospitals, research centers and providers of scanning services this is good news as well until you look at the high cost of equipment. One way to save money is to look to a reliable source of refurbished Molecular Imaging systems, ones that have been previously owned by by swapping in all new wiring and parts like a nuclear medicine collimator can mean a far quicker pay-back period– 2-3 times faster in some cases.

See how you can get a piece of the future of medicine for far less than you would expect, today.


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