Tuesday, June 15, 2010

heavy is the mantle

Around this time of year at work we have the usual benefits faire which means it is time to pick and choose among the many benefits options we are presented. Some are easy, vision care is a no-brainer as the option is simply take it or leave it, your paycheck won't change in either case, so you might as well go for it.

Other options are less clear, do you want insurance? Do you want double or triple the payout of your yearly salary if you die (while not on the job)? Dying while AT work is a whole different game.

For those who aren't so lucky to have a team of people look over and demonstrate your options it is nice to know that you can also price and compare life insurance online. A few simple questions and a few declarations and you are all set to help make sure you don't potentially leave your spouse or kids exposed in the event of your death.

See what you can do to get the piece of mind you need and the after-care your loved one can use.


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