Wednesday, July 28, 2010

time marches on

I am the first to begrudgingly admit to still enjoying analog clocks, and I strongly despise digital ones (with the possible exception of a clock radio in the bedroom) because let's be honest "even a stopped (analog) clock can be right twice a day" but a broken electronic clock is just a brick.

The Howard Miller line of time pieces have always struck me as rather elegant, in a, if you will forgive the pun, timeless sort of way. Something about an orderly progression of time around a circle to give you the sence that time is passing but some things come right back again as well. I guess it is a mix of the mortal and the eternal that appeals to my sence of what is right about the Universe.

Dressing up a room with a fine clock is the grown-up way to tie a room together and the right clock can be handed down to future generations as well making it all the more timeless. This has been a sponsored post.


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