Thursday, August 05, 2010

wild blue yonder

You have probably seen the TV commercials where various phone companies are comparing their 3G coverage maps but if you are in one of those 'white' areas of the map where the big media companies don't provide coverage– what are you going to do? Worse, what if you live in an area like I grew up in where the big cable or internet companies have decided that you are simply 'too far away from the rest of the population' to make it cost effective for them to bring the internet to your door. Well, now you can have the same speed in your country house as your friends get in the city with Wild Blue high speed internet satellite service. High speed internet access via satellite to virtually everywhere in the U.S. is within reach and withing your budget. Read how these satellite internet service providers work and start watching movies and more online just like everyone else is. Don't let your address prevent you from having a rich and full internet experience when all you need is a small dish and a view of the sky.

Satellites are standing by to bring the world to your computer, just get the hook up and et the dish look up!


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