Friday, October 15, 2010

show us your shows

When television moved from broadcast as the predominant form to cable suddenly there were all sorts of new shows to see and new outlets to watch them on and suddenly the world was never the same. Eventually cable became old hat and the status quo and life just sort of settled down. Then along came the internet and things began to change again. With advanced compression algorithms combined with broadband making its way out of just the office blocks and into homes (and ever-closer to the living room) suddenly the TV universe made another of its quantum leaps and gave us even more to watch and more places to find it.

But with more always comes the question, what's worth watching and where can I find it. Enter a way to best find a way to Watch TV Shows Online. Using the internet not just as a generalized search tool but in a specific way, targeting your search to just TV and films, now you can sit back and have what you want to see and when you want to see it. Just like your parents ditched the black and white set with 3 channels to watch, you too can ditch the cable companies and the rigid schedules. When you watch only what you want to and when, think of the time you can save and the brain-cells you'll preserve?


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