Saturday, November 27, 2010

stay indoors

While cars are getting safer and safer the price of fuel keeps going up and the number of cars on the roads gets more and more. So quite often what we do is let others do the driving for us. You can have groceries delivered when you chose, DVDs come to us in the mail and a train takes me to work each week day.

Now you can even stay home when it comes to getting Life Insurance! Right about now I bet you are saying, "Life Insurance No Medical Exam?" Well let me tell you that it's true, thanks to recent advances and special algorithms, you can now shop for term life insurance with absolutely no physical exam required. That means no blood tests, no urine test and no getting undressed and stepping onto a scale. Just go online, answer a few simple questions (be honest), then just pay and print your policy. Easy, quick and affordable– what more could you ask for?

Now if I could just figure out a way to get my hair cut while I sleep I would actually have some free time to get back to my hobbies....


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