Friday, January 11, 2008

Compare Contrast Courtship

[Internet Dating]

Seeing as it is now 2008 and we are almost a decade into the new Millennium - shouldn't we be multitasking better? I mean, going to just one website to look for something is so 1999, don't you think? After all, we have Google Product Search (formerly Froogle) to help find the best price on goods, to compare online book shops and Orbitz has their price matrix to help you find the best flight at a price you want to pay.

So why not apply that same logic to online dating and matchmaking services? Well now you can find those internet single (or singles) with all the speed and efficiency you would ever need. Find the person who is looking for you, fast and easily with 5star dating.

Doing a rough count of the last 5 weddings we have been to, 4 of the couples met via an online service. Now some of the couples are were more up front about it than others but the future is upon us and the reality is you meet people where you spend the most time and while that used to be church or college for many people today that would be on the internet. You've made friends on the internet so why not make the best friend you will ever have? Check out 5stardating, find the matchmaking site that best fits your situation or needs and click with someone tonight!


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