Monday, January 14, 2008

I Fought the Law II: Amazon, Pepsi launch Superbowl music giveaway

Confirming the rumors, Amazon and Pepsi on Monday revealed a new promotional campaign to spur on sales of the former's digital music and the latter's drinks. Reusing the Pepsi Stuff moniker, the campaign should be familiar to anyone who remembers Apple's 2004 iTunes giveaway: beginning on the Superbowl, Amazon MP3 will allow customers to download free songs using codes printed under any Pepsi bottle cap.

But instead of relying on random caps that promise a free song with as little as one purchased drink, the Amazon campaign will use a points system. Each bottle guarantees a code but only supplies enough points for one fifth of a song -- a technique which both ensures frequent buyers and prevents the bottle-tipping that let some 2004 participants claim free songs without buying a bottle at all.

However, the tie-in also reveals an apparent split between Amazon and Universal Music Group. The record label is the lone major label not to participate in the campaign.

Or so sayeth Appleinsider.


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