Monday, January 14, 2008

Keep Warm & Dry

[Dry Shampoo]

Judging by today's weather report of blizzard and white-out conditions headed for New England I would have to say once again I am glad I moved out West, particularly since the rains have stopped here in Northern California – for now anyway. But with the rain being gone means the early mornings are clear and cold, a cold that is particularly uncomfortable during the morning commute when you are standing outdoors on the platform waiting for the train with wet hair from the shower, assuming it's not one of the two times a week I go into work and hour earlier and have to really scramble to even get into the shower, eat and get to work. Sure we have some showers at work to use but let's be honest, it would take a big leap of faith to want to use them. Trust me, if you have seen them you would understand.

It's days like these that I am glad to have learned from our sponsor about Salon Grafix's line of Dry Shampoos – did you know they have a shampoo for every shade of hair, from Brunette to Blonde to Silver. How great to be able to get the clean and shiny hair I want without the need to go out in the morning with wet hair and catch yet another cold. Perfect for everyone who finds themselves with time or the ability to shampoo their hair. Keep some on hand for those cold and early mornings on whenever an emergency situation arises.


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