Friday, October 17, 2008

hand free makes light work

If you look at the pictures of the latest Apple MacBook in its disassembled state you see just how small motherboards and the guts that make up a modern computer have gotten. I myself have just bought an iPod Touch and am amazed at how it has in many ways supplanted my laptop for casual lunch time browsing, and given the number of other people I see outside or on the train with the iPod, iPhone or other smart phone you know I am not alone.

The biggest drawback as far as I can see and from what I have read is the keyboard. At some point when you need to do moderate to serious data entry you will have to interact with your tool of choice and that usually means typing. The smaller the device the smaller the keyboard - whether a real keyboard of sorts on the Google / T-mobile Android G1, the Palm series or a EEE or a virtual one like the Apple iPhone and small keyboards means loads of backspacing and retyping. Plus, if you are driving you really should not be typing at all.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 PreferredSo wouldn't it be great if there was a better way to enter data? If you are looking for a better way too, don't raise your hand, raise your voice: why not try Dragon Naturally Speaking? Use it to capture articles and blog entries on the go. Dictate articles in airports into a computer, use a voice recorder to capture my on-site observations or story notes and transcribed by Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred into text. Read the Dragon Reviews and see for yourself, better yet try Dragon’s typing speed test!


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