Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Smoked Salmon is Forbidden

tokyo 2-07 063
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Tokyo Disneyland, it seems.

Did Anaheim ever allow smoking inside the park? I can't recall seeing it even but then again it was the 70s and perhaps one just didn't notice these things.

Better still, it was DISNEYLAND, who had time to notice the other people.

UPDATE: Recent Disneyland visitor Brittadotcom pointed out Disneyland still permits smoking. A quick check of the Disneyland Resort parkwide services page will tell you that "for the comfort of all of our Guests, smoking is allowed in designated areas only:"

  • New Orleans Square, outside Harbor Galley
  • Frontierland, near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Fantasyland, near Matterhorn Bobsleds
  • Main Entry Plaza outside both theme parks

  • Now I want to go photograph those sites!

    [flickr] Ash Wednesday Was 7 Days Ago

    Original title: How to get banned from Disneyland

    All Good Things Must Come To An End

    [Max FM]

    Bummer – I liked this station.

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: J. J. Maxwell at 95. 7 Max FM < >
    Date: Feb 28, 2007 12:03 PM
    Subject: All Good Things Must Come To An End

    Today is both a sad and exciting day here at 95.7 MAX FM. On one hand, we, like you, are saddened to see Max go away. We had a good run in the Bay area and truly enjoyed interacting with you, our Max fans. But, as a wise philosopher once said, all good things must come to an end.

    And that leads me to the exciting news. We are preparing a brand new radio station that we believe you will like even more than Max. As a loyal Max fan you are among the first to hear about this station. While we can't tell you the name yet, this new station will be fun, energetic, Bay Area focused and unlike any other station in the area. We will debut this new radio station at 7:50 Thursaday morning.... and we sincerely hope you join us for the ride.

    Joost Beta Application


    Partial text of an eMail I just received:

    Thank you for your application to join Joost's beta test program.

    Once you've confirmed your address, we'll add you to the beta testers
    waiting list right away - but *you won't be able to access the Joost
    website and software until we've activated your application*. This may
    take some time - we've had thousands of applications since Joost was
    launched, and we're working as fast as we can to add more users. Please
    be patient - and keep an eye on your inbox for your login and password

    Anything to escape the YouTube parade of LonelyGirl15 and Justin Timberlake video copy-cats and parodies, but:
    a] will this run on (my) PowerBook?
    b] do I have to watch all of SNL if I just want to see the Sassy's Sassiest Boys clip?

    Children of Men


    I haven't seen this movie (yet) but from the looks of the work the creatives at Foreign Office put into creating the 'look and feel' of the background, this is going to the top of my (hypothetical) NetFlix queue!

    See the whole reel (and other work of theirs) on their site, just be sure to forget about work for the next hour or so.

    Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    Undisclosed Location


    Unlike the Royal family during the Blitz, VP Dick Cheney
    takes refuge in bomb shelter after Afghan blast.

    Vice President Dick Cheney was whisked into a bomb shelter immediately after a Taliban suicide bomber struck the main American military base he was visiting in Afghanistan on Tuesday.

    Up to 14 people were killed, including one U.S. and one South Korean soldier, in the Bagram air base attack which rebels said was aimed at Cheney.

    Monday, February 26, 2007

    You Had Me at 'Hello'.

    [, , ]

    What I get for not watching the Oscar®s last night.

    Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    Music and Lyrics

    [Music and Lyrics, Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore]

    Hugh Grant is the washed up half of a Wham!-like band from the 80s called simply 'PoP!,' in the new film, " Music and Lyrics.' There have been some so-so reviews but we thought this movie was hysterical.

    The movie opens with a clip of the band at their peak:

    Hugh Grant is back in his Notting Hill style and is perfect as a singer just past his prime while Drew Barrymore hasn't been this good IMO since 'Ever After.'

    Be sure to stay for the end-credits for a VH-1 style 'Pop-up video' reprise.

    Friday, February 16, 2007

    Free Starbucks / Project Runway Shirts

    [Starbucks, Project Runway, free]

    Starbucks Corp. said Thursday it is teaming up with "Project Runway" finalist Mychael Knight to create limited-edition T-shirts to represent customers' favorite drinks.

    The stock of shirts, which are free reportedly ran out before 11 a.m. Thursday, but the web site instructed users to check back Friday at 10 a.m. for fresh supplies. They will be giving the shirts away each day from Feb. 15 through Feb. 28.

    Here's my 2nd favourite drink as there isn't really of a graphic you much you can make with just "doppio".

    (This cartoon is why I added the 'room' tag.)

    US Airways Antler Policy, Defined

    [US Airways, antlers, WTF]

    Taken verbatim from US Airways website:

    Antlers will be accepted as checked baggage for a charge of $80 per direction. Antlers are not included as part of the passenger's free baggage allowance. The following conditions of acceptance apply:
    • Dimension (H + W + L) must not exceed 120 inches
      • On the CRJ aircraft the largest dimension cannot exceed 33 inches and the overall dimensions cannot exceed 99 inches
      • On the Dash 8 aircraft the largest dimension cannot exceed 50 inches
    • Head/skull must be completely clean and free of residue
    • Points must be covered and protected
    • One rack per ticketed customer
    • Can't combine or cradle 2 or more racks
    Tip o'the hat to Dorothy!

    Today Is A Good Day – For Science!


    For the propagation of an ideal where science communicators can meet firstly, for drinks; secondly, for communicating; and ultimately, for networking. Joining is easy - please simply provide name with your city and a corresponding link (or more - we can take up to 3). Links should be something or other that demonstrates your science communication fit. Information in that regard can be entertained by emailing

    My first badge, The Cloner:

    I Still Laugh When I See These

    [, , ]

    I must be getting old...
    Originally uploaded by idogcow.
    NECCO introduces 10 new Sweethearts Conversation Hearts sayings each year. In 2005, NECCO introduced sayings inspired by the game of love including “#1 Fan,” “Fit for Love,” and “Dream Team.” In 2006, the new Sweethearts sayings were inspired by the comforts of home including “Sweet Home,” ”Home Soon,” and “Call Home.” This year, NECCO will introduce 10 new sayings that pay tribute to pet-loving ways with sayings that include “Cool Cat,” “Puppy Love,” “Love Bird,” and “My Pet.”

    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    Cashpoints Gone Wild

    [, , ]

    Prop £10 notes used in the Christmas Day (2006) Doctor Who episode are selling for five times the value of the real thing on eBay, according to The Sun Online.

    I'll make do with this picture of one, I guess.

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    High School (Never Ends)


    The old and the new. Plus, Bowling for Soup!

    Valentine's Day

    [, ]

    Front Yard Rose

    Taken this morning in our front yard. Almost made me miss my train but wanted to grab a picture for the 14th.

    Nerd Valentine

    [, ]

    Valentines for the Nintendo geeks in your life:

    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    Tony Bourdain – Guest Blogger

    Some of this is a re-hash (!) of his KQED-broadcast talk (or other way 'round) but good for many a laugh (highlights for the sake of brevity):

    By Anthony Bourdain

    I actually WATCH Food Network now and again, more often than not drawn in by the progressive horrors on screen. I find myself riveted by its awfulness, like watching a multi-car accident in slow motion. Mesmerized at the ascent of the Ready-Made bobblehead personalities, and the not-so-subtle shunting aside of the Old School chefs, I find myself de-constructing the not-terrible shows, imagining behind the scenes struggles and frustrations, and obsessing unhealthily on the Truly Awful ones. [...]

    Some thoughts on the Newer, Younger, More Male-Oriented, More Dumb-Ass Food Network:

    ALTON BROWN: How did Alton slip inside the wire--and stay there all these years? He must have something on them. He's smart. You actually learn something from his commentary. And I'll admit it: I watch and enjoy Iron Chef America-in all its cheesy glory. [...] His commentary is mostly good. And that collar-bone snapping fall off the motorcycle on Feasting On Asphalt? Good television!

    EMERIL: I'm actually grateful when I channel surf across his show. He's STILL there--the original Behemoth. And I STILL find him unwatchable. As much mileage as I've gotten over the years, making fun of Emeril; he deserves a lot more respect than I've given him. He does run a very successful and very decent restaurant group. He is--in fact--a really nice guy. And-as much as I hate the show-- compared to the current crop of culinary non-entities, he looks like Escoffier. He will probably be the last of the Real Chefs. I'm sure they're growing future replacement options in petrie dishes somewhere, conducting Top Secret focus groups at suburban malls with their latest Bright Young Hopeful. I'm just glad he's still there--a rebuke to the geniuses who brought us such Great Ideas as Dweezil and Lisa.

    BOBBY FLAY: They seem to have noticed Bobby's strong "negatives" among some viewer responses during focus groups--and decided to respond by subjecting poor Bobby to THROWDOWN; the object of which is to allow every web-fingered geek with a backyard grill--or half-mad muffin maker to proclaim, "I beat Bobby Flay at makin' barbeque!" at the heart-warming end of show--before returning to tend their meth labs.[...] The conspiratorial-minded might be tempted to suspect this as yet another part of the Secret Plan to rid themselves of the annoyingly big ticket chefs--by driving Bobby to quit--or insane with misery. He may not be Mr. Cuddlesworth, but he's a successful businessman and a good chef--and he doesn't, after all, need this shit.

    Oh, Mario! Oh great one! They shut down Molto Mario--only the smartest and best of the stand-up cooking shows. Is there any more egregiously under-used, criminally mishandled, dismissively treated chef on television? Relegated to the circus of Iron Chef America, where--like a great, toothless lion, fouling his cage, he hangs on--and on--a major draw (and often the only reason to watch the show).

    THAT ACE OF CAKES GUY: Hey…He's got talent! And..he seems to be a trained chef! And he's really making food--and selling it in a real business! I think…I like it! If I have one reservation, it's that I have no idea if the stuff actually TASTES good. It LOOKS really creative and quirky--and I'm interested but…I's like construction going on over there from what we're told and shown. One suspects that the producers don't want to waste valuable time talking about anything so technical as food--on "Food" Network. I mean...what's in those cakes, beneath the icing and marzipan and fondant?

    GIADA: What's going on here!? Giada can actually cook! She was robbed in her bout versus Rachael Ray on ICA. ROBBED! And Food Net seems more interested in her enormous head (big head equals big ratings. Really!) and her cleavage--than the fact that she's likeable, knows what she's doing in an Italian kitchen--and makes food you'd actually want to eat. The new high concept Weekend Getaway show is a horrible, tired re-cap of the cheap-ass "Best Of" and "40 Dollar a Day" formula. Send host to empty restaurant. Watch them make crappy food for her. Have her take a few lonely, awkward stabs at the plate, then feign enjoyment with appropriately orgasmic eye-closing and moaning..Before spitting it out and rushing to the trailer. Send her to Italy and let her cook. She's good at it.

    RACHAEL: Complain all you want. It's like railing against the pounding surf. She only grows stronger and more powerful. Her ear-shattering tones louder and louder. We KNOW she can't cook. She shrewdly tells us so. So...what is she selling us? Really? She's selling us satisfaction, the smug reassurance that mediocrity is quite enough. She's a friendly, familiar face who appears regularly on our screens to tell us that "Even your dumb, lazy ass can cook this!" Wallowing in your own crapulence on your Cheeto-littered couch you watch her and think, "Hell…I could do that. I ain't gonna…but I could--if I wanted! Now where's my damn jug a Diet Pepsi?" Where the saintly Julia Child sought to raise expectations, to enlighten us, make us better--teach us--and in fact, did, Rachael uses her strange and terrible powers to narcotize her public with her hypnotic mantra of Yummo and Evoo and Sammys. "You're doing just fine. You don't even have to chop an onion--you can buy it already chopped. Aspire to nothing…Just sit there. Have another Triscuit…Sleep….sleep…."

    PAULA DEEN: I'm reluctant to bash what seems to be a nice old lady. Even if her supporting cast is beginning to look like the Hills Have Eyes--and her food a True Buffet of Horrors. A recent Hawaii show was indistinguishable from an early John Waters film. And the food on a par with the last scene of Pink Flamingos. But I'd like to see her mad. Like her look-alike, Divine in the classic, "Female Trouble." 

    SANDRA LEE: Pure evil. This frightening Hell Spawn of Kathie Lee and Betty Crocker seems on a mission to kill her fans, one meal at a time. She Must Be Stopped. Her death-dealing can-opening ways will cut a swath of destruction through the world if not contained. I would likely be arrested if I suggested on television that any children watching should promptly go to a wooded area with a gun and harm themselves. What's the difference between that and Sandra suggesting we fill our mouths with Ritz Crackers, jam a can of Cheez Wiz in after and press hard? None that I can see. This is simply irresponsible programming. Its only possible use might be as a psychological warfare strategy against the resurgent Taliban--or dangerous insurgent groups. A large-racked blonde repeatedly urging Afghans and angry Iraqis to stuff themseles with fatty, processed American foods might be just the weapon we need to win the war on terror.

    $30,000 Apple Logo

    [, , ]

    64 new Intel Mac minis means 64 empty boxes sitting in the hall to be recycled. David Weiss had a plan.

    Monday, February 12, 2007

    All in Favour Say 'i'

    [, , ]

    From 'Say No to Crack' via TUAW:

    Back to the Future - Sony and Apple Announce the WalkPod!

    Sony has conceded defeat in the gadget wars, so to recoup some of their recent losses they have teamed up with Apple to create the amazing WalkPod:

    1st Generation Shuffles – 68% Off

    [, ]

    In a deal that practically screams, "Hello you cheap-ass bastard!" Apple has their 1st generation 1GB iPod shuffle available in the refurbished section of the store for $49.ºº, while supplies last.

    No clip but it does come with a lanyard and (biggest plus in my book) has a built in USB connector. I have a 512 MB SanDisk MP3 player and my two biggest peeves: no iTunes synchronization and it needs a special adapter to connect to my computer. Well – here you have both of those solved!

    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    Sand+Time: Cooler Than a 2-Way Moodring

    [, ]

    Like a Jetsons and the Flintsones collided and created a wristwatch I think this would be the result:

    Winner of the Red Dot Design Award in 2006, Sand+Time Watch by Russian graphic designer Balykin Pavel, has a LED screensaver made to look like a sandglass. A push of a button switches the screen to display the time in numbers.

    Anna Nicole, Dead at 39

    [, , ]

    From Hollywood, Florida, the flash - apparently official (via CNN) – Reality TV star and former model Anna Nicole Smith was pronounced dead Thursday after being taken to a Florida hospital after being found unconscious in her hotel room, a law enforcement source with knowledge of the case told CNN.

    Smith, 39, collapsed at a south Florida hotel and was taken to a local hospital, according to news reports.

    BBC America

    [, , ]

    Tim Goodman of the SF Chronicle has found a new show for me to watch, "The State Within":

    As a fan and cynic of "24" I can tell you that's not decidedly difficult. But the show I'm talking about, "The State Within," is not only more substantive and has better acting and writing - as expected - but the miniseries is just as thrilling. And that's saying something. The whole reason to watch "24" is for the sick rollercoaster ride of it all. "24" is all about thrills. Few series top that. And at 6 hours, who knows if "The State Within" could have kept it up for 24 hours, as the steroid-fueled American series does. But I'll tell you this - when "The State Within" had ended, I was begging for more. So was Mrs. Cranky Pants. In fact, she was damned annoyed that there were no more episodes.

    So, when and where, you ask? "The State Within" airs Feb. 17 on BBC America. This is just your televisory. I'll have a full review in The Chronicle on Feb. 16. Just thought I'd whet your appetite on this, the night that "24" owns...

    Better than 24, OK. Better than MI-5? Guess I will find out on the 17th.

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    Previously, On Heros


    I failed to notice this but have sharp-eyed friends:

    Car driven by George Takei (as Hiro's father).

    Beneath The Spelling Chestnut Tree, the Village WordSmith Stands

    [Harry Potter]

    If there is no word for it in the English Language, invent one! Example: What's coming on July 21, 2007Potterdämmerung.

    Thanks DD!

    Beginning of The End of YouTube?


    Got this in the mail the other day – seems Viacom doesn't like the idea of YouTube profiting from the viewing of a 14 year old clip of Saturday Night Live I put up (without their permission).

    Fair enough, but what else is there to watch on YouTube? Cats who can flush a toilet?

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: DMCA Complaints <>
    Date: Feb 5, 2007 5:03 PM
    Subject: Video Removed: Copyright Infringement

    YouTube | Broadcast Yourself™

    Dear Member:

    This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by NBC Universal claiming that this material is infringing:

    Sassy's Sassiest Boys:

    Please Note: Repeat incidents of copyright infringement will result in the deletion of your account and all videos uploaded to that account. In order to avoid future strikes against your account, please delete any videos to which you do not own the rights, and refrain from uploading additional videos that infringe on the copyrights of others. For more information about YouTube's copyright policy, please read the Copyright Tips guide.

    If you elect to send us a counter notice, to be effective it must be a written communication provided to our designated agent that includes substantially the following (please consult your legal counsel or see 17 U.S.C. Section 512(g)(3) to confirm these requirements):

    A physical or electronic signature of the subscriber.
    Identification of the material that has been removed or to which access has been disabled and the location at which the material appeared before it was removed or access to it was disabled.
    A statement under penalty of perjury that the subscriber has a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled.
    The subscriber's name, address, and telephone number, and a statement that the subscriber consents to the jurisdiction of Federal District Court for the judicial district in which the address is located, or if the subscriberis address is outside of the United States, for any judicial district in which the service provider may be found, and that the subscriber will accept service of process from the person who provided notification under subsection (c)(1)(C) or an agent of such person.

    Such written notice should be sent to our designated agent as follows:

    DMCA Complaints
    YouTube, Inc.
    1000 Cherry Ave.
    Second Floor
    San Bruno, CA 94066

    Please note that under Section 512(f) of the Copyright Act, any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity was removed or disabled by mistake or misidentification may be subject to liability.

    YouTube, Inc.
    Copyright © 2007 YouTube, Inc.

    Monday, February 05, 2007

    Old GAP Ad

    [, ]

    Playing with the Dazzle A/D box we bought ages ago and some rather old VHS tape. Is that one of the guys from Twin Peaks in this Gap denim spot?

    Obligatory Super Bowl Ad Recap

    [TV, Superbowl,ads]

    I was hoping for a Chicago win yesterday but did like the story that the Colts took each and every employee of theirs (plus spouse) to the game. Too bad it was raining in Sunny Florida™!

    Seth Stevenson at Slate has a good summary of the Superbowl ads:

    His closing lines (with which I quite agree), 

    "As for the ads: At some point, we may have to drop all this Super Bowl advertising hoopla. The ads have been roundly mediocre for a few years running, now. Some huge advertisers—including Procter & Gamble and Unilever—decided to ditch this Super Bowl entirely (with Unilever instead airing a big ad for its Dove brand during the Academy Awards).

    Are we seeing the end of an era? And will we even miss it?"

    Friday, February 02, 2007

    Roll On You (Chicago) Bears!

    [, , , ]

    click picture for larger version

    Go Bears!

    Thursday, February 01, 2007

    Cary On, Clangers

    [, ]

    Does anyone think someone should post (legally) this poster all 'round Boston?

    [Smart money says the font is Gil Sans, but the Crown icon?]

    Explaining Foreign Sirens

    [, ]

    More comedy from our friends across the pond:

    From his Wikipedia bio: Mark "Bill" Bailey (born 1964, Bath, Somerset) is an English comedian, actor, and musician known for appearing on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, QI: Quite Interesting and Black Books as well as his stand up comedy. He is a self proclaimed "confused hippie" and "part troll". He is also known for his appearance: his trademark beard and long hair.

    Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows at

    [, , ]

    FYI: Canadian editions of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix were printed on 100% post-consumer recycled, processed chlorine free paper and fibre – minimizing its impacts on the environment and helping safeguard biodiversity and the world's ancient and endangered forests.
    idogcow. Get yours at

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