Friday, February 26, 2010

no more empty net

I have been following Joomla web design for a while so when they asked for help to spread the word, I was able to say "no worries," with a moment's hesitation.

The new site is called Joomla Bliss, so swing by and see what a couple of a website design people in Ottawa with an SEO background can do and maybe do for you?

The link is Web design Joomla Ottawa and just like the Canadian women's hockey team, this Ottawa website design firm is red hot.

phone home young spaceman

Raining like mad here and work is so quiet, almost reminds my of the base in Moon. I think it may be among my new top 10 films, the better half thinks really liked Moon she would still rank "The Young Victoria" better.

All I know is that if I had a a robot or even a DECT phone, I would want it to be as helpful as Gerty and sound like Kevin Spacey.

Readers Reeds

Flag the important pages of your Sunset Garden Book the super-cool way with verdant stickies from the Japanese design house Yuruliku.

Seen over at the New Yorker book blog. Hey for once, iPad, Kindle and Nook users will have to look at your paper book and think, "Oh I wish...."

Diver Down

Tikiranch tells the tale of how going through someone's drop-off dumpster yielded some most excellent travel souvenirs.

Can't wait to see what goodies await, the teaser image alone had vintage Knotts, Universal and Disneyland brochures!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

following the dream

Watching the Woman's figure skating a day later as usual thanks to the NBC's delayed coverage, a sleepy baby and the last vestiges of the worst cold I have had in a long time and I must say I am more intrigued by the 'lesser' skaters, ones who have no real hope of winning the gold but for a few are making their debut on the international stage.

The most interesting was the Turkish skater whose parents moved to the family to Canada to help her follow her dream of becoming a champion skater. Quitting their jobs, the father just now learning English and taking whatever work they could find to help pay for their daughter's lessons and coaches. I don't know if I could be convinced to make such a move, even within the same country! It was hard enough to move across town, I can't imagine making the move from Southern California even with the assistance of one of the top Orange County moving companies help make things run smoothly.

Here's to those brave enough to pick up and move to follow their dream!

In Like Flynn!

Are you a registered member of Flynn Lives? Live in Los Angeles? Then you should know about the EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EVENT at the IMAX Theatre at The Bridge this Saturday, Feb. 27, 2:30PM PST: New TRON footage.

As you can imagine, tickets are non-transferable and may not be copied, sold, bartered or otherwise given to anyone else. Additionally, an official government issued ID will be required for admittance.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

cheap date

Watching the Olympics on TV takes on new meaning with a new baby in the house. What used to be just interesting people doing amazing things now takes on new gravity when they get hurt (my baby!), when they don't do very well (you'll do better next time), or even when they do win. I can't help but think of all the early mornings that the athlete and their mother (usually) had to get to the rink, slopes or track. The vacations that were not taken so as to not interrupt the training regimen. The purchases postponed to help pay for coaches and all the traveling to various events.

Some of the self-funded athletes even postponed their weddings or honeymoons until after their competition days were over. Cutting a wedding budget can be done with some judicious choices and if done right you can find ways to cut the expense of the biggest day of your life without having to sacrifice and of the style that you have your heart set on. It can be easier than you imagine, read how the experts have learned to cut wedding expenses. Who knows, maybe the last wedding you went to read the same tips and even you didn't notice. A great wedding is not always about the final price tag but how much fun the guests had. Don't disappoint them and don't bankrupt yourself.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hats off to the person who made this! Married going on 9 years and could not agree more.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Pac-Man Bookcase

Love books and have a wall-mounted TV? Fondly remember the 80s? Well then have I found a bookshelf for you:

Monday, February 08, 2010

sync software to the rescue

In short order we are going to be a 4 laptop family, two Dells (an Inspiron and a Mini10v) and to MacBooks. Well, one pro and one, amateur I guess. The first Dell was bought to run a particular program on (which has not seen much use of late, thanks to a human lap sitter added to the family last year). The MacBooks have been the main computers for each of us with the mini being added as a lightweight PowerPoint mule.

What I never thought of until now was how quickly we have scattered our many (MANY) digital files across the three machines and how it seems the file I want is on whatever machine I am NOT using at the moment. Hence the quest for quality and hopefully free sync software. Keep the MP3s and picture folders all organized and in one place for archive DVD burning.

No more roaming the house with a thumb drive and trying to remember which laptop or which partition it might be on, depending on it was backed up via the Time Machine, the Carbon Copier or just dragged and dropped. Think of all the free time I can reclaim? Time to tag and label the pictures as something other than DSC blah blah blah, I hope!

Let X=x

Comcast, the largest provider of cable (23.6 million), internet (15.9 million) and digital phone (7.6 million) in the United States owns, as part of its media influence, television networks like E! Entertainment, the Golf Channel and Sprout. This past December, Comcast became the majority owner of NBC Universal with a 51% stake in the company in partnership with GE, who owns the other 49%.

To go with this diversified range of businesses, the parent company, Comcast Corporation announced last week that it is rebranding its consumer services — cable, internet, and digital phone — to XFINITY. All caps.

Wow. I thought SciFi becoming Syfy was weak. Read the BrandNew take on their goofy new logo.

I Miss My Childhood (part 1 of a semi-regular series)

Things I miss and (if possible) photographs of said things:

[Interstate Travel Edition]

The 23-foot high 15-foot diameter golf ball display for the Green Tree Golf Course at Leisure Town Road and Yellowstone Drive. Seriously, you could see this thing from I-80. Gone now, not sure when or why.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

head down and concentrate

Golf may not be an Olympic Sport and the PGA tour may be a bit of a non-starter this winter but do you think Tiger Woods is not keeping his most bankable skills sharp while keeping a low profile? I would be willing to bet that more than one of his male friends has gifted him with a potty putter like this one to pass the time until the heat over his recent, shall we say, un-gentleman like behaviour, has quieted down to the point where he can get back to the links and start making money like he used to.

I certainly don't think he is reading Golf Digest while he is in there, do you? On a similar note – I have always wondered if Wii Golf wold make for a suitable Winter replacement for hitting the links or the local driving range to stay sharp and limber for play when the warmer spring temperatures return.

Or is it in bad taste to mention a potty putter and Wii golf in the same blog post? I more or less figured that after the Spam macadamia nuts post today that just about anything was fair game. Lucky for all involved there is only one hour left in February third.

More tomorrow, stay tuned!

Found on the internet for your reading pleasure, but be sure to read the whole thing, it's quite funny!

Read: Macadamia Nuts with SPAM

To Hawaii residents, macadamia nuts are like flowers [...] they're not something they would buy for themselves. 

Each nut has a slight pink powdery coating, which makes sense since a SPAM product wouldn't be one if it didn't come in the pink hue that even disgusts the pink-loving Hello Kitty.

While there's definitely a SPAM flavor, it's not overpowering and the combination of the mystery meat and macadamia nuts was surprisingly tasty. 

If you don't like SPAM, you'll probably avoid these Macadamia Nuts with SPAM. 

(Nutrition Facts – 1 ounce – 200 calories, 20 grams of fat, 3 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 145 milligrams of sodium, 4 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 1 gram of sugar, 2 grams of protein, 2% calcium and 4% iron.)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Apple iPad with Webcam

Wired thinks that the Apple iPad May Ship with Webcam

Tearing apart the iPad which Steve Jobs presented at Apple's special event last week shows what may be space for the very same webcam as the one found on a MacBook Pro tucked away behind the black screen bezel.

Would also explain the 6 app dock capability even though only 4 appear in all the currents official screenshots.

My bet, cameras will appear in the iPad Pro, next year. Anyone know if there's space for Ethernet or outboard memory?

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