Thursday, October 28, 2010


Glowjito at #ElecTRONica . #DCA #DisneyMeetup on Twitpic
Drink up, Program!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Goodbye Walkman, You Were Enjoyed

Owned 2 Sony Walkman tape players, including one of the yellow SPORTS variety. First tape player was from Sears... should see if I can find that next time I go home.
Sony Says Sayonara to Tape Walkman: The cassette Walkman, Sony Corp.'s most iconic product and perhaps the most well-known Japanese consumer electronics gadget ever, is set to disappear from store shelves in Japan with barely a goodbye.


Not her first Halloween and probably not the first she'll remember so I guess we can at least tell ourselves that the reason we wimped out on pumpkins this year was due to the rain.

So, FWIW, 2 orange pumpkins and two white ones this year from Safeway. Hey, it was buy one get one free!

In the meantime, enjoy this vintage Halloween pumpkin post card from flickr.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

One Argument For the MacBook Air

Wondering why anyone would pay twice the price of an iPad for a Macbook Air? This Gizmodo post more or less spells it out: a real keyboard, an open file system and programs vs. apps.

Still, for even less than the price of one iPad, we bought a Dell Mini10, a copy of Snow Leopard....

BTW: Let's hope Dell upgraded the trackpad for their next gen netbook.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

4OD Goes to the Basement

Take a tour of the IT basement, and keep an eye out for Graham Linehan's labels for the more significant titbits!

[Lego] Turkey is Served!

Originally uploaded by powerpig
Oh man is this not a great looking turkey. If I owned a Sand Crawler I would be taking it apart right about now to get the bricks together to make this!

Wonder if there are instructions somewhere??

Sunday, October 17, 2010

sound investment

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dual Electronics. All opinions are 100% mine.

Most of the time I am lucky enough to not have to drive to work which like many of you means I take a train. While others are stuck not moving in bumper to bumper traffic because of some (real or imagined) road hazard somewhere ahead or just as bad, dodging crazy drivers who jump in front of you with even so much as a single courtesy blink on the assumption that they are 'winning' the commute because they are ahead of you – I get to read, catch up on TV shows I have missed or just relax, close my eyes and listen to podcasts and music on my iPod touch.

When I do drive, I still instinctively reach for my iPod forgetting I have only a AM/FM cassette radio, and I have yet to buy the cable that would connect the two together. I keep putting it off because somehow connecting an iPod / iPhone via a tape interface seems just so off-putting and backward. I figure at some point someone will make a better way to connect the music in my pocket to the speakers in my car. Turns out there IS a way and it is better than I would have even dreamed.

The Dual Electronics model XDMA7650 is 2-step motorized mobile receiver with direct USB control for iPods and iPhones. At only US$199.99, it supports a variety of media devices, it's MP3, WMA, CD-RW compatible and can play music off of your USB flash drives, talk about multiple listening options! It even would link up with my Sansa Clip, my go-to music mp3 player via a 3.5mm auxiliary input. 3-RCA preamp outputs and a wireless remote control round out the main features.

If you have to be in the car and you don't enjoy the ride, why not at least improve the sounds that surround you? The XDMA7650 for the ultimate Car Audio experience!

Visit my sponsor: Dual Electronics new car audio receiver...

Friday, October 15, 2010

show us your shows

When television moved from broadcast as the predominant form to cable suddenly there were all sorts of new shows to see and new outlets to watch them on and suddenly the world was never the same. Eventually cable became old hat and the status quo and life just sort of settled down. Then along came the internet and things began to change again. With advanced compression algorithms combined with broadband making its way out of just the office blocks and into homes (and ever-closer to the living room) suddenly the TV universe made another of its quantum leaps and gave us even more to watch and more places to find it.

But with more always comes the question, what's worth watching and where can I find it. Enter a way to best find a way to Watch TV Shows Online. Using the internet not just as a generalized search tool but in a specific way, targeting your search to just TV and films, now you can sit back and have what you want to see and when you want to see it. Just like your parents ditched the black and white set with 3 channels to watch, you too can ditch the cable companies and the rigid schedules. When you watch only what you want to and when, think of the time you can save and the brain-cells you'll preserve?

The Birds. Why are They So Angry?

Downloaded the lite / free version of Angry Birds this weekend after I heard it was now available for Android. Can't say I see the mass appeal to this. I mean, let's be honest, it's no Tetris. Heck, not even Bejeweled.

Are people that boring these days?

Monday, October 11, 2010

show your cards

These days with the internet, a colour printer and about twenty minutes, anyone can make a half-decent looking business card. I just came back from a business trip in Japan but before I left I noticed I didn't have any business cards left. There was no time to order new ones and besides, the design I wanted wasn't even an option from my employer. (You see, I wanted to incorporate a QR Code as apparently they are all the rage in Asia where Smart Phones have much more market penetration, although as a Silicon Valley resident it did seem odd to see so few iPhones in the hands of the average users on the trains and subways – what few I did see were all belonging to Americans, mostly Californians).

But, back to my point: if anyone can crank out a half-decent card what that means is that to really impress you have to bring the A-game of calling cards: the raised ink business cards people have come to expect from the top tier people and businesses. Make yourself stand out from the crowd and get that oh so important first impression that can translate to better contacts and bigger sales down the road. Don't be an also-ran and do it on the cheap: People can tell and people will talk. Probably not to your face but to each other after you have left.

Do you want to risk your one chance at making it special? Take your time, do it classy and do it right.

Cheap Haunting

Download a free 23 Spooky Halloween Recipe Ideas eCookbook now. [pdf] I particularly like the Eyeball Subs — So fun, so easy plus get your kids excited and break away from the sweets!

via Recipe Lion

Monday, October 04, 2010

host boast or toast?

Odds are you have an internet host already just like I bet you already have car insurance. But when was the last time you shopped for either? Sure you are getting the best deal? The best service? Want to take a look and see how the competition stacks up to what you already have?

Start the new fiscal year off with a careful look at what expenses you have and how you could save money while getting more for your buck? Read up on independent customer-driven ratings of the best web hosting companies, rating that are based on you, the customer's and your satisfaction, plus their affordability, reliability, up-time and tech support. Take at look at information on
web site hosting, the various web hosting plans that are now available as well as any available promotional and discount coupons. Unedited reviews by real customers like you who want the best that they can afford.

Times change, offers change. Are you sure you are still getting the best deal you can? Can you afford not to look? All you will 'sped' is a few minutes of your time, your online presence surely is worth at least that much. You might just be pleasantly surprised, I know I was.

Reading More Harry Potter?

Two more reasons to keep reading The New Yorker's Book Bench:

J. K. Rowling told Oprah that more Harry Potter books are not out of the question.

Listen to David Sedaris read from his new book, "Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk."

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