Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nix'd of Kin

Microsoft never confirmed (or denied) that only 500 Kins were sold, but regardless, Gizmodo is reporting the project is now dead.

We have made the decision to focus on our Windows Phone 7 launch  and we will not ship KIN in Europe this fall as planned. Additionally, we are integrating our KIN team with the Windows Phone 7 team, incorporating valuable ideas and technologies from KIN into future Windows Phone releases.

Having just seen their ad yesterday on Netflix, I have to add a Nelson, "ha ha" and ponder how much money was burned on this not-so-smart Smart Phone.

looking good, man

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of The Men Pen. All opinions are 100% mine.

Adsc08299-smGrowing up I was always painfully aware of acne and the odd break out but as a guy the best I could do to minimize the obviousness of it (and let's be honest, when you are a teenager, any zit is going to be obvious, traumatizing and simply, the end of life as you once knew it) was to ask my sister (gross) or my mom (as if!) for help with their concealer. Trust me, this was NOT a topic you wanted to discuss with either of them but what was my other option– talk to my guy friends?

Luckily, there is now a product, developed over 4 years ago after careful testing and trouble-shooting for us men to hide their unsightly blemishes. You could call it makeup for men but really it's a form of peace of mind. With some 17 different shades available to match your own natural skin tone, this is a mens makeup product that you can use to cover blemishes like acne, scars, moles, occasional redness, or rough spots. Made to help guys improve their confidence, look their best and for those important specific time: weddings, the big prom, career meetings, night-clubbing, you get the idea. Don't risk a big event and have everyone focused on that nice big zit on your face.

Embrace the metro-sexual you that David Beckham made OK and say hello to mens makeup. The night you save can be the one to really remember.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wired: Gadgets Goes Hands On With the Motorola Droid X

Some of the most interesting advances in phones these days is coming from the Android camp– possibly since you have HTC competing with Motorola for who has the most features. WIRED takes at look at the newest phone from Motorola, the Droid X and bottom line: a solid device with a striking display.

No front mounted camera but I will go out on a limb and say that is one feature that will fall by the wayside, even with Apple. Phones in Japan have had dual cameras as do most laptops and video-conferencing *still* has yet to catch on. Why? Because if most people are like me, they are not really paying attention to their caller and don't want them to know it.

But the Droid X's most interesting part, IMO: There's an HDMI port so you can connect the phone to your TV to play videos.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

be seeing you

Some say the best hiding place is to be like a needle in a haystack, other wiser people think the best hiding place for a needle is in a stack of other needles.

Now, think of you website as that needle and the entire internet as a collection of needles - still think anyone is going to just stumble upon your site by accident?

If having people find you is critical then you need to start thinking about something called search engine optimization.

For maximum effect, search engine optimization should be more than just something you add on to your site when you have crossed off all the other boxes as you head toward launch. Having a SEO friendly site should be a “ground up” design and bringing in a seo company at the start can really make or break your search engine marketing efforts. Optimize every aspect of your website at the DNA level and you will easily be on the top page off results, regardless of algorithm changes or shifting sands of fate. Hiring a professional web design and development company as well as an SEO company can really be a cost effective way to get people to find you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sloppy Apple Coding

After an upgrade to 10.6 Snow Leopard and iTunes 9.2 (61), the iPod Touch no longer appears as a device in iTunes. Cable is OK as iPod is charging battery....

Also- you can't select iTunes 9.2 in the feedback drop down list.

Sloppy, Apple. Sloppy.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

what to wear when you are expecting

Given the number of southeast Asian women at work you can imagine the number who are pregnant start wearing saris more and more often as they get closer to term. For the other women it becomes more difficult to decide what to wear. I have heard that you don't want to spend a fortune on clothes that you may never wear again and even if you decide to have a second baby, who knows if it will still be in style or that season again?

On the other hand, everyone still wants to look fashionable... so what to do? The trick to finding great looking maternity clothes at a budget you can live with (and believe me, whatever budget you used to have will be right out the window as you fit out the nursery and buy all the things a new baby is going to need, ie: LOTS) is to go online and eliminate the high Mall rent and pushy sales people.

Save your money and spend it on the new baby and look just as good as the trendy boutique and mall shoppers. Try it and see and you will agree.

Empathy, Illustrated

Illustrated tale of the anthropological history of human empathy and how some of us have extended our compassion to other species and the planet.

Think and then act. The planet can't wait but you can learn.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

how does your desert garden grow

Whether you are starting a new garden from scratch or just want to update the look you already have, sometimes it easiest and best to get the help of a professional. For the best in Phoenix Landscape Design, you should look for a family owned and operated design and installation service to take care of all your landscaping needs.

Providing landscape design and installation services for Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Fountain Hills, and Gilbert, Arizona, Ultimate Landscapes will work with you to make the choice of native or tropical or a mix of both talk to people who have gardens you like. Look at portfolios and read the testimonials. Only you can know what you want but having the help of a pro can make it so much easier, both in the short term and in the long run– which is what really counts.

Save time, save money, save water and go with the experts who people have trusted for their yards for years– Ultimate Landscapes! This has been a sponsored post.

Tom Sawyer's Island

Since Tom Sawyer's Island is turning 54 this year (!), I thought I would note a few facts:

On opening day, Walt Disney and two children from Hannibal, Missouri, (Chris Winkler and Perva Lou Smith) portraying Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher took the first raft over to the island. The Governor of Missouri that year also issued a proclamation that officially annexed the Island to the state of Missouri.

So Happy Birthday and too bad about those pesky pirates!

molecular imaging: look closer

In recent studies by a team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, it seems that the mainstream online audience is ever increasingly searching for and finding results on health-related topics when they look to dominant search provider Google when they go looking for nanotechnology content on Google.

This agrees with my own personal opinion, albeit one that isn't as scientifically vetted, that molecular imaging is the fasting growing field in medicine and will continue that way for some time.

For hospitals, research centers and providers of scanning services this is good news as well until you look at the high cost of equipment. One way to save money is to look to a reliable source of refurbished Molecular Imaging systems, ones that have been previously owned by by swapping in all new wiring and parts like a nuclear medicine collimator can mean a far quicker pay-back period– 2-3 times faster in some cases.

See how you can get a piece of the future of medicine for far less than you would expect, today.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free SciFi Goes Free Range

The science-fiction publisher, Tor, is making some of its most popular 2009 titles available as free e-books. The books were all available for reading for free at their website but now they are available in a variety of mobile book formats as well.

See why they all won awards and pay nothing to boot!


heavy is the mantle

Around this time of year at work we have the usual benefits faire which means it is time to pick and choose among the many benefits options we are presented. Some are easy, vision care is a no-brainer as the option is simply take it or leave it, your paycheck won't change in either case, so you might as well go for it.

Other options are less clear, do you want insurance? Do you want double or triple the payout of your yearly salary if you die (while not on the job)? Dying while AT work is a whole different game.

For those who aren't so lucky to have a team of people look over and demonstrate your options it is nice to know that you can also price and compare life insurance online. A few simple questions and a few declarations and you are all set to help make sure you don't potentially leave your spouse or kids exposed in the event of your death.

See what you can do to get the piece of mind you need and the after-care your loved one can use.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wireless Everywhere

I suppose it's silly of me to think that once you pay for something it
would be yours to use everywhere. DVD makers are finally getting the
idea and including a digital copy of their films so you can watch both
at joke and on the go. Pity the wireless industry doesn't follow suit,
I have wifi at home and wifi at work, don't really see the value of
paying $60/ mo so I can check facebook on the train.

Hey guys, how about a plan like you get with the iPad 3G and you pay
as you go?

Made of 100% recycled

Friday, June 11, 2010

travel smart, travel light, travel cheaply

Of course you are going to want your phone with you when you travel, especially when you travel abroad. But using your own phone can quickly run up a fortune in roaming fees. So what's a thrifty globe-hopper to do? Why not try out Global Cellular Rental? They offer affordable international cell phone rentals so you can easily and affordably make phone calls from anywhere in the world you might be headed. A must-have for the small business traveler and those on a vacation to get away from it all.

Have fun while away knowing you are always in touch and not having decide if you _really_ want to have to pay to answer that call or read that text!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

For This We Give Thanks

Bad English's "Best of What I Got" appeared on the '89 self-titled debut and was in the movie Tango & Cash – though no soundtrack was ever released for this film.

Makes you stop and think, no?

Made of 100% recycled material.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Android Phones Begin to Appear in Prepaid Space

As more and more people who need / want/ got a smart phone own own, the game for the phone makers and carriers shifts from getting you on board to keeping you around. The iPhone 4 from Apple is less evolutionary and more a way to keep par with the ever-increasing number of Google's Android phones. I can't even keep track of what the "newest and hottest" anymore. EVO? MyTouch? Incredible?

Looking to grow the market, Boost Mobile has the (first) Android in the prepaid sphere. Fortune magazine is reporting that the Motorola i1 sports the Nextel-made-famous push-to talk/annoy functionality, but an antiquated version of Android, version 1.5.  A lot of the latest apps and functionality won't be available at launch, not sure if you can upgrade this on your own or if you have to wait for an OTA upgrade.

Still, encouraging news for cheapskates!

pride in your ride

Looking to make your truck look a little different from all the others out there on the road? Have a look at these tailgate light bars – LED light bars now come in a wide variety of designs and styles and there are affordable choices sure to match whatever you drive and the look you want to achieve. If lights aren't your style be sure to look at all the other accessories available.

With thousands of pickup truck accessories to enhance and upgrade your vehicle you can drive a unique vehicle far more cheaply and quickly then you ever thought possible and with careful choosing, you can even move some of the things you buy to your new truck when the inevitable upgrade time comes. Bug shields, vent visors, truck exhausts, add-on running boards, oval tube steps and nerf bars to add sleek styling and can be added quickly, so what are you waiting for?

Monday, June 07, 2010

Torchwood is Back

Today, 07 June, it was confirmed that Torchwood would be returning for
10 part series as a co-production between BBC Cymru Wales, BBC
Worldwide and US premium entertainment network Starz Entertainment.
Stars John Barrowman and Eve Myles will be returning to the series and
this time will feature locations from around the world.

They say 'sorry' is the hardest word but they're wrong. It's that
Welsh name of a railway station.
– Harry Secombe

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

HRH: Make It So

Patrick Stewart has been upgraded from captain — to knight.

So was she a fan of TNG or the recent Hamlet movie (also staring the outgoing Doctor Who -Davis Tennant)?


What if Star Wars was a 50s 3-D Movie? Let's turn back the clock, back to a distant time in an alternate universe far, far away... The 1950s! A simpler age of 3D movies, and robots ...

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

right tool for the right job

There are many search engines out there, some so big you might have forgotten that there are many other, more specialized ones out there that might do a better job. If you are looking for a particular file or file type, perhaps one that limits itself to just a pdf search then why wast time with a large, general purpose search engine?

As they say, a hammer is a wonderful tool but after a while with it you can often tend to think that everything is a nail. Sometime the finesses of a screwdriver will get you the results you want faster, better and easier. You just have to open your eyes and see that bigger is not always better.

Find that lost owners manual you thought you'd never find again. See how your grandfather used to fix the old family car or sewing machine. Read a book you thought was long out of print. The opportunities are limitless and there's a lot more on the internet than you might think, so search and see what you will find. Then don't forget to come back here and share what you discovered.
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