Sunday, May 31, 2009

well suited

So you have decided to head off to Vegas for the Summer – or maybe you have decided to stay home and relax close to home instead. Either way chances are at least once this summer you will find yourself at the beach or by the side of the pool. Have you given a thought to what you are going to wear?

Well then let me tell you about SunWave Sports, a specialty shop for those who are looking for high quality but affordable swim wear, you may have just found your new best e-shopping friends.

SunWave Sports carries swimwear from famous makers like: TYR, Waterpro, Aquathreads, and Finis all at amazing discount rates!

Make the hours training and toning go by in a flash with their Swimp3 devices and cool down after that workout with a Swim Parka. At these prices you can afford the best and save money while doing so. Make this summer in the water a summer to save and to remember.

find your fun in the sun

It is summer again, or will be tomorrow if you want to play by strict calendar rules and around the people I work and play with that means one thing: "where are we going?" Most often that answer can be summed up in a two word phrase that really says (and means) so much more. That phrase? "Vegas, baby."

Like the city itself, the phase means one thing on the surface but in reality can mean so very much more. As a bonus, this year it seems like all of the city is on sale. Rooms are affordable, deals are in abundance and the things to do, aside from the obvious and the usual, are ever multiplying.

There are what seems to be more Las Vegas Shows on now than ever before, so even if you have been before, now may be the time to go back. is your destination for can't miss offers and specials for all the biggest tickets on the Strip: Phantom - The Las Vegas Spectacular, Blue Man Group, and Peepshow to name but a few!

Maybe you are not sure which or how many shows you want and can now afford to see? Read their detailed descriptions and snapshot photos of each show. These nice people have already negotiated exclusive low rates directly with each show, and as such are able to offer highly competitive Las Vegas show ticket prices available with almost no effort on your part so you can go and enjoy your trip knowing that with your show ticket purchases, you'll also receive superior customer service during and after your dealing with Shows Las Vegas.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Palm Pre Syncs Seamlessly to iTunes

From wired gadgets comes the report that the Palm Pre Will Sync Seamlessly With iTunes. 

They are calling it a ballsy move from Palm, and ... a big fat middle finger at Apple.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Spent hours playing Mastermind (the game) with the sister. Se... on TwitpicSpent hours playing Mastermind (the game) with the sister. See the stars of the box, "Then & Now (2003)".

Funny how time flies when you aren't looking.

Make Time to Read

The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Standard Edition

Can you believe we bought this on the day it came out and last night I finally set aside the hour to sit down to read it.

Good news: One more book to take off the 'must read' pile.

Bad news: Now I want to re-read Deathly Hallows but somehow doubt I can do that in under an hour. Also, nothing more in the Harry Potter universe to read. For now, JK?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good News – Wendy's Adopts a Better Animal Welfare Policy.

Wendy's adopts a better animal welfare policy.

Summarized from:
The Humane Society of the United States
May 22, 2009
THANKS TO hard work by The Humane Society of the United States, and

Over the past 22 months, millions have asked Wendy's to move away from
battery cage confinement of laying hens. The Humane Society of the
United States discussed this issue with Wendy's for a long time, too.
Today, the HSUS is proud to announce that Wendy's has agreed to start
moving away from eggs from caged hens.

for details.

This simple, modest and yet meaningful action will prevent thousands
of hens from being crammed into tiny cages.

Sadly, the fight is not over as McDonald's still only uses eggs from
caged hens in the United States. Join me and call 1-800-244-6227 and
ask the company to start using cage-free eggs.

auto body experience

I tried not to mention the season finale of 90210 (which I just watched) but went and blew it with the last post so I guess I can keep on asking questions about it?

What was that thing that Annie hit with the car, was that supposed to be a person? And who is the mysterious stranger in the older drop-top Mercedes? Can't be any of the new kids as the car was way to little flash for that set. Perhaps the English teacher? Also, where was she driving? Perhaps on her way to find one of the fine auto body shops oregon. She's going to need the premier autobody website and a repair guaranteed for life won't hurt either. If you had a fender bender in real life, remember that quality work will protect the value of your vehicle and an insurance company approved autobody network will help you get back to driving the quickest.

Feed Glorious Feeds

First World Problem: Should I complain when someone's Facebook Status
and Twitter tweets are one in the same? I really shouldn't complain
that they have now wasted my time repeating themselves, right?

Doubly hard to play the 'time waste' card having just watched the
season finale of 90210.

This was better than all the cats in Wales standing on the wall in a row.

▓▒░ Please consider the environment before printing this or any eMail ░▒▓

service with a disney smile

I subscribe to a lot of Disney blogs, most of them having to do with the history or the artwork in the parks but one thing I have never mentioned here is that which really impresses me about Disney is their attention to details that other theme parks can not or will not match.

Case in point was the time my whole family went to Disney World in Orlando. We were riding the train that circles the park – no doubt a way to let my poor parents rest their tired feet, and to be honest, mine too. As we were coming around the bend my dad wanted to show my brother some detail. My brother was small and not all that interested so my dad decided to pick him up and make sure he saw whatever it was we were supposed to be noticing. My brother flailed and happened to catch me right across the face, knocking my glasses off my nose and right over the rail. (I should point out I am all but blind without glasses.)

We pulled into the station at the front of the park and my dad went to find someone in charge. In what seemed like minutes (and trust me, when you are a kid at Disney World, every second counts!) I had my glasses back. Wouldn't surprise me if they didn't clean them before they handed them back, too. Best of all, no withering looks from the staff about unruly kids, just returned them like it was an every day occurrence.

I wish I was looking for Disney World Tickets this year but, alas, this year it is just not going to be what with our newest reason to go to Disney World arriving in August, but let's just say that I am going to keep bookmarked as the source of some of the best deals to get you into any or all of the Disney Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

As Seen in Geen Living

chopstick bowl
Originally uploaded by idogcow
This photo (among others) was recently featured over at Green Living magazine for their article "From Trash To Treasure". Green Living magazine is Canada's voice on sustainability.

Go check them out and tell them I said 'hello.'

(direct link:

O Hai Sky (Net)

Found on Super Punch: can now input a password at the Skynet Research website. Go here, hover your mouse over the "p" in products to activate the password entry slot, and enter the code skynetresearchinitiatephasetwoprojectjudgementday.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Michael Vick?

I sat with the man, but I still don’t know what’s in his heart. He told me he did terrible things to dogs. He said he grew up with dogfighting as a boy, and that he never sufficiently questioned it as he grew into manhood.
Read Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO of the Humane Society of the United States and his thoughts on Michael Vick's second act.

Tweet Wrecks

From Tweeting Too Hard the self-styled website where "self-important tweets get the recognition they deserve".

fan belt light came on in the 911 so now I'm driving the Cayenne Turbo S - the backup, backup car. Trying not to think about the Tesla...

Little House on the Prairie

News (to me) today from PrairieMod of the official announcement of:
...the new line of licensed Frank Lloyd Wright LEGO sets! Created in conjunction with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Brickstructures, Inc. and the LEGO Architecture brand, the first two sets in the series are The Guggenheim and Fallingwater (!).

The LEGO Group plans release the first of the LEGO Architecture Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® sets at the opening of the Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit: From Within Outward at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on May 15, 2009.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To Boldly Go

Rerunning a piece from 2006, On the Media (WNYC) looks back at the forty years (plus) years of the Star Trek universe. With a new film debuting last weekend at number one and a nearly $80 million opening weekend.

Once again, it looks like I am the only one who thought they should have given Enterprise a little more time to get good.

Palm Pre Launch June 6th, $300

Wired reports on Palm's attempt to steal the thunder of Apple rumoured new iPhone launch. Read: Boom! Palm Pre to Launch June 6th, $300
Palm says the Pre will go on sale on Saturday June 6th for $300. That's just two days before Apple's WWDC, where many are expecting the announcement of a new iPhone.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

porch weather

Looks like the summer weather is here in full force which means a drive to the beach if we are lucky. More likely it means sitting on the back porch, radio on and a glass of lightly sweetened iced tea by my side.

What we don't have at the moment is a set of comfortable chairs to stretch out on. we have an old hammock, but really no trees to make that work quite the way you should. I think some low slung Patio Chairs would fit the bill, not something as stiff and formal as an Adirondack but something of a more rustic furniture-style to recreate the look of the Tahoe cabin / river rock effect.

in2 hd tv? Direct TV!

Like many people I applied for the HDTV converter rebate from the government, and like many of you I suspect, let the coupon expire without using it. Why? Because after looking at the options for converter boxes and really being unimpressed with their quality or features just decided to let the folks at directtv do the heavy lifting for us.

And just to prove that I really made the right decision I have been helping my mother get her old stand alone TV ready for the big conversion – whenever that might finally all be in place. I think she is on her third box now - one got so hot she was worried the thing would either set fire to the TV or burn her hand. The other was a test run without using the coupon and the third should have the final purchase with the $40 discount applied.

All I know is, if she had Direc TV like we do, we could have been talking about much more interesting topics, like what's my sister up to these days!

that lucky old sun

Supposed to be at or near record-breaking temperatures today, can already hear the neighbor's AC humming away.

Time to raise the blinds and close the exterior shutters!

Shields up, Mr. Sulu!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

[reboot] Former Apple Store

[reboot] Former Apple Store
Originally uploaded by idogcow

[alternate timeline] Following on the runaway success of their hit home-computer, the Apple II, Steve Jobs opened a chain of 'Apple Shoppes' around the Bay Area where consumers could purchase the latest computers, dot-matrix printers and pre-written programs on floppy disks.

Sadly, the company and their aggressive expansion program did not survive much beyond 1987 after the sudden arrival of computer maker PlexiComp (a spin-off of manufacturer Plexicomp) and their introduction of voice controlled computers, effectively rendering keyboard and mouse interfaced computers obsolete almost overnight.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

[PNSFW] You Meet the Nicest People on the Train

"I feel so much more comfortable in these clothes than in court
clothes" said the whoman in a hot pink tshirt with metal dog-chain
shoulder straps.

"Fuck your dad. Your dad can die of AIDS." ("What's AIDS?" asked one
if the two kids.)
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

supercharge your ride

Remember when you first got behind the wheel of a car? Remember when you finally got your OWN car, working nights and week-ends to install the supercharger ? It was fun, wasn't it. The freedom, the fact that someone trusted you with a measure of responsibility, the lure of the open road and the under a dollar gasoline? The roar of the mercedes supercharger kicking in? Something tells me that if you are like me, driving isn't that much fun anymore – the same commute five days a week in traffic that is more stop than go.

Maybe you are like me and have given up driving during the week all together, which is why if you are going to go for a drive for fun on a Saturday afternoon, you are going to want to make your ride as fun as possible and if that means adding a pontiac supercharger or a buick supercharger you are going to want to see the prices and read about the service at Supercharge Pros – their name really does say it all. try them once and you'll find yourself recommending them to your friends.

90210 2.0


Heaven help me but not only did I WATCH the 90210 prom episode, I also enjoyed the band they had playing – The Veronicas, doing 'Take Me On The Floor' and 'Untouched'.

Australian sisters who sing quite catchy numbers. Tell them I sent you, that way you don't have to make the same embarrassing statement as I just did.

Oh, and having your water break while your boyfriend fights the baby's father? Even better than Donna Martin drunk.

a model home

Our spare bedroom is so big it has room for a whole other house – well, two if you count home the cat has made for herself last night in the pile of hand towels. I am of couse speaking of the doll house that we have reinstalled at our house: a beautiful three level, ten room luxury home complete with twin balconies.

Of course, in the process of moving it there has been some 'quake damage,' as as such there has also been the topic of redecorating. Lucky for us, we found Zoolabees Dollhouse Miniatures, the online retailer of some of the best dollhouse furniture, accessories, and building components. They also have dollhouse kits and dolls if you are not as 'landed' as we are. They have the 1:12 scale as well as the 1:24 scale products we are looking at.

Check out their newly expanded dollhouse bathroom category with products to suit just about any historical period. Given the rest of the decor of our model, I am rather partial to the claw foot tub and vertical tank pull chain water closet. (I suspect our 'residents' are too urbane to say 'toilet,' but perhaps I judge them too harshly.)

For dollhouse miniatures bathroom sets or something for the kitchen or child's room, check them out.

Questionable T-shirt Idea

"Don't Pinch Me, I'm Wearing Green Underwear."

Not all that funny on St. Patrick's Day, really not funny on May 13th.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Cool Cans are Coming (from Coke)


Five new cans for the Summer previewed over at The Dieline - a package design website. They remind me of the Pepsi CoolCan of the 80s but somehow I feel these will age a bit better.

Wonder if they'll do Diet Coke as well?

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

key to the castle

A good lock will keep out the people you don't want and yet still let the right people in. A bad lock will let everyone in – or let nobody in! Thanks do an unfortunate circumstance, I have a lock that has a broken off key stuck inside, thereby ruining it for everyone. A co-worker almost twisted off a key today trying to (fortunately) lock up a desk drawer. Can only begin to imagine the state she would have been in if she were trying to unlock her purse at the end of the day when it was time to go home!

Luckily, both of these examples are for easily circumvented occasions but imagine if it were the front door of your house that had a problem! If you are looking at just that circumstance and need a Houston Locksmith then look no further than Express Car Key, with over ten years experience, they are the professional experts among the automotive Houston Locksmiths.

They specialize in: High security keys/laser cut keys - Lexus, Honda, and Volkswagens and there's no trip charge, always flat rates, even on nights or holidays. Keep the number handy the next time you're locked out of you car, you'll be glad you did.

Newton among "Biggest Cults in Tech"

Been a while since I powered on my 110, but still, I can hear the chants, "One of us, one of us..."

Read about the original Apple virus, below. 

Newton among "Biggest Cults in Tech"

Filed under: , ,

I'm proud to count myself among InfoWorld's Tech cult No. 7: The Tao of Newton. I'll confess that my 2100 has seen less action since I bought my iPhone, but it'll never be relegated to my basement wasteland where various Palms, Visors and even a 3Com Audrey dream of more useful days.

Newton ownership is definitely not for everyone. it's big and takes some doing to get it to cooperate with contemporary hardware and software. But for the faithful it's a terrific piece of hardware. For more Newton information, check out The NewtonTalk mailing list.

People either have the love or they don't. You can have mine when you pull it from my cold, dead hands.

TUAWNewton among "Biggest Cults in Tech" originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Wed, 06 May 2009 08:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

the parent tarp

People have been parenting for years and for the most part doing a good enough job to at least allow another generation but in the past most people had the help of their parents and quite often their grandparents. However, in this day and age people don't necessarily have that level of support any more which is why the internet can be a help here.

Need help with survival strategies to develop in order to make it through a toddlers "terrible twos"? Wonder if your child is slow to learn to crawl? Trying to figure out how to carve out time to take a nap of your own?

Check out Parents Connect and see that you are not alone – 24 hours a day you can find a kindred spirit and a friendly ear or a shoulder to cry on.


Neatorama (where Adam Koford is featured quite often, and where there are a few t-shirts he's designed for sale), is having a mystery sale ...

$9.95, I'll let you now how it works out.

fun in the sun

Tourism due to business conferences may be down in the gambling capitol of Nevada but that doesn't mean that you can't still get away and make a new you of yourself while you are there. Check out the services available from Doctor Gorddon, the Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Over at their site you can fill out their form and the staff will contact you during regular business hours. A newer, better you can be had, just in time for the summer.

Re Tweet

A reTweet from Talk of the Nation blog thanks to 'radiobabe,':

Here we go again... Judging possible FEMALE Souter replacements based on their WEIGHT.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Celebrating the Legacy of Reverend Allison, Founder of Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

Recently the world lost a beloved member of the UNICEF family: Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF founder, Reverend Clyde M. Allison, died in Lowell, Indiana at the age of 91.

Reverend Allison organized the first Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF collection, just outside of Philadelphia, in 1950. His three children dressed in costumes on Halloween evening, but instead of asking for candy, they carried empty milk cartons and asked for donations of spare change, to help UNICEF.

Share notes of condolence and your personal memories of Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF with Rev. Allison's family at

krank up the volume

Looking for music on the internet has never been easier but finding the good stuff if easier now that the hottest Hip-Hop tag team to explode onto the music scene in recent years is here. Their music takes fresh and unique lyrics, energetic beats, and powerful hooks to make them the greatnew hip hop artists that everyone is or will be talking about.

Hit up and download some of their stuff and see if it isn't what you have been looking for. Read the song reviews and take a look at the cover and poster for KRANKMUZIK. When the dust settles and the feathers fall to the ground you'll see who's standing the tallest in the field.

Visit and grab your music while you can and tell your friends - show them who's got the beats that won't stop and make that epic mix tape to party by.

Choice of Holidays

Are you observing today's holiday?

No Pants Day is a day where everyone, be they students, respectable businessmen, or cherished community leaders, leave their pants behind. Usually this means wearing thick, appropriately modest boxer shorts, but bloomers, slips, briefs, and boxer-briefs all work as well.

In Hawaii, May Day is also known as Lei Day, and is normally set aside as a day to celebrate island culture in general and native Hawaiian culture in particular.

Or maybe happy to remember the International Workers' Day, the commemoration of the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago in 1886, when Chicago police fired on workers during a general strike for the eight hour day, killing a dozen demonstrators?

over head costs

A last minute spring storm is moving though Northern California as I type, which is very odd because just about a week ago you would have thought it was summer with temperatures in the eighties and nineties. Guess it goes to show that n o matter where you live the weather is always unpredictable.

Which is why it is very important to keep a good roof over your head - a home without a good roof would leave you exposed to whatever the outside weather was and a neglected roof can lead to more serious damage to your home's interior and all your possessions. All it takes is a little rain to leak under the shingles, which can mean further damaging the roof and eventually the entire interior structure. Left in this state the cost of having the damage repaired will only get bigger over time. If you call a qualified member of the Huron Roofing team as soon as you notice a problem you’ll actually be saving money by preventing further damage.

Regardless if you’ve selected a Huron roofer or not for your project, ask for a contract. Getting job details in writing is a must. It’s never wise to have a verbal agreement only. Clear terminology, which includes what tasks are to be done, the time involved, the cost and payment arrangements should all be clearly be stated in your contract. Never sign the contract until you make certain you understand every thing it contains. It’s your roofing project and your home – you should make certain you have the best Huron roofer for the job.
idogcow. Get yours at

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